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"They are great people to work with and great friends!"

Clare – Nov. 29, 2017

About Us

Drew and Lee work as a team in selling and listing residential and investment properties, and have an emphasis in new construction. Drew has been active in real estate since 1992, and Lee, who also hold a broker's license, has been licensed and active since 1993. The Hewletts strive to take a proactive approach with clients, and use their skills as good listeners and communicators to solve problems. Both feel that the key to their successful practice has been winning the trust and confidence of their clients while helping them to establish their real estate goals, which they have accomplished by acting with the utmost integrity and by protecting their clients' interests.

Our Listings

"They are great people to work with and great friends!"

Clare –Nov. 29, 2017

"Drew and Lee were the perfect agents to help us find our home. They knew us on a personal level, had worked with us before, and had the ability to take what we wanted and look at a home from that perspective. While we might go into a home that we thought could work, Drew would be able to tell us that it would not. They helped us figure out what to look for, met us when we needed them, and was always open and honest about how they felt about the home. Drew and Lee did not try to just sell us a home, they tried to help us buy the home that was best for us, and would meet all of our needs. I appreciated Drew's honestly and realtor's eye for picking up on things I wouldn't have noticed. We are more than pleased with our new home and the service both Drew and Lee provided in making that happen."

Shad –Aug. 15, 2017

"Drew and Lee are always there to help me. Their knowledge, experience, consideration and warm hearts are really Ball home's treasure."

Shu Liu –Jul. 11, 2017

"The Hewlett's are total professional and delightful humans! Dealing with the Ball Home builders for a new home was disappointing and aggravating and the Hewlett's made it bearable!"

Patricia Osborne –Mar. 22, 2017

"Drew and Lee are great!"

Matthew –Mar. 20, 2017